Everest Puller


Everest Puller

Pre-Order $525

Everest Puller

RTR $525

Looking at getting into pulling?  Not sure where to start?

We have the turn-key solution for you.  Our new Everest puller combines the affordability of the RedCat Everest with the design and durability of a Freestyle RC chassis.  Comes with everything you need to get started pulling.  Including radio, battery, and wall charger.  Charge up and you're ready to pull!

Other features include:

Powder coated frame

Adjustable hitch height

Adjustable wheelbase

Adjustable weight box

Flip up body mounts

Oil filled front shocks



Pre-order and pickyour chassiscolor

*Allow 3 weeks for delivery

After ordering email us from the contact section and let us know what color you would like.

Bodies only available red or blue

Freestyle RC

Supreme by design