Ball Bearing 6x12x4mm
(4 pcs required)

CNC machined from 6061 aluminum these axles are designed to be the strongest, most adjustable axles on the market.  No more wheel spacers!  Spacers are built into the axle housing so there is no unnecessary stress on your hubs.  New centered servo mount.  New included rear lockouts if you choose not to run rear steer.  Countless mounting postions for 4-link, shocks, and swaybars. Included adapters fit TXT or Clodbuster wheels.  Axles require Traxxas T-maxx or E-maxx internals.  (check bottom of page) Axle covers are 3D printed with many colors available separately.

Driveshaft Modification

Required Parts


3.3 T-Maxx and Newer E-Maxx only

Housing #3979


These are the lengths you'll need for trimming the driveshafts inside of the axles. 
No spacers: 5/8
3/8 spacers: 1
3/4 spacers: 1-3/8 (Shown)

Ball Bearing 12x18x4mm
(4 pcs required)

Freestyle RC

       Supreme by design

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Rear Steering Lockouts

Required parts at bottom of page

Traxxas 1/10 T,E-Maxx Front & Rear Drive Shaft set
(These will need to be shortened depending on spacers used)

Axle Set $350